Deep Understanding and Balanced Perspective

During his career, Mark Amabile has successfully led contract negotiations with Fortune 500 marketers and acquisition targets from the agency side, built new organizations and corporate structures, restructured and divested underperforming operations, as well as conceptualized and introduced new technologies and new business lines. With over twenty years of experience in this area, Mark is extremely knowledgeable as to how the advertising and media agency industries operate across the globe and what the best practices are including market-by-market nuances.

As a change agent, Mark has also designed and implemented efficient holding company and shared services structures, introduced business intelligence and procurement practices and developed/stewarded change management initiatives. His more recent consulting experience has exposed him to the startup world in exciting industries such as mobile payments, loyalty programs, biotech and medical devices.

Having operated within both big corporate and small startup environments, Mark Amabile and WVA can understand the spectrum of issues facing large marketers and agencies as well as founders of new startups and early stage companies.

Flexible Arrangements

WVA is flexible in its business model and may lead projects and/or partner with other consultants or advisors if the client has an existing consultancy relationship but would be interested in what WVA has to offer in a particular area. We are well-versed in financial, legal and operational issues that marketers and agencies face and are only interested in a positive outcome for our clients.

If you are interested in discussing any of these services further, please contact us.


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